De Graafschap on Klaas-Jan Huntelaar’s return: ‘Important difference between hope and reality’ | Football

The club from the Kitchen Champion Division hopes to tempt the former international to return to the Vijverberg. Huntelaar is without a club after his departure from the relegated Schalke 04, where he returned during the winter break.

“We greatly appreciate him, as a figurehead of our region and a former player of the club,” says general director Hans Martijn Ostendorp on the website. “But there is still an important difference between hope and reality. Klaas-Jan has indicated that in the coming period, during his well-deserved vacation, he wants to think about how he wants to fill in his life after this season. With the most important question: whether or not to continue playing football.”

Mos hinted on Friday that a meeting is already planned. Ostendorp nuances this: “We have let him know that we would like to exchange ideas with him about this, but we think it is now time for Klaas-Jan’s own thoughts. Whether or not he wants to continue playing football and whether or not he sees a future for himself with us is up to him. And we respect his choice anyway, whatever choice that will be.”

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