DCEU: James Gunn unveils one of the advantages of the universe over the MCU

James Gunn is one of the few contemporary filmmakers, if not the only one, to have worked for both Marvel Studios and the Warner DC Universe. Indeed, since 2014, the director has been at the head of Guardians of the Galaxy on behalf of the Maison des Idées. However, by July 28, the screenwriter and filmmaker will take the plunge on the side of the DCEU by presenting The Suicide Squad. An enriching experience on both counts which allowed James Gunn to take a step back on the respective vision that these two houses have in relation to the production of superheroic blockbusters and on which the director recently returned on the occasion of ‘an interview.

The Suicide Squad, July 28 at the cinema. – Credit (s): warner bros, DC

More specifically, during an interview with the New York Times, director unveiled one of the advantages that the DC universe has over the MCU, pointing out the R-Rated aspect that Warner allows in some of its films, unlike Kevin Feige’s studios: “This is one of the ways DC can set itself apart from Marvel. I think the folks at Warner Bros. are really interested in the idea of ​​building a world and creating something unique through filmmakers. We are in a strange time, so anything can happen. “ As you will have understood, it is this possibility of offering varied content combining a sometimes crazy and violent universe like The Suicide Squad to more family-friendly blockbusters such as Shazam! which according to James Gunn, differentiates the DCEU from the MCU. It remains to be seen whether the chaotic and violent universe of his latest film will convince us, but in light of the first opinions, everything suggests that the filmmaker is finally right!

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