DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power available now

From now on you can join DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power plunge into the fight for justice as heroines like Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl. The launch trailer gives you a foretaste of the adventures that await you in Metropolis:

The Nintendo Switch-Title is based on the animation series DC Super Hero Girls and offers a new adventure with the popular characters. The task is to rescue Metropolis from the clutches of some of the most notorious villains in the DC universe. At the same time, the friends have to keep their secret identities and reconcile their lives as normal teenagers at Metropolis High School with that as a superhero.

In the battles of, you can easily string together different attacks to create rapid combos thanks to the easy-to-use controls. On top of that, they have a wide range of special attacks that differ depending on the superhero. Wonder Woman uses her lasso of truth and her flight shield, Supergirl has heat vision and super breath, and Batgirl invents useful tools like the batarang and the bat-hook. The lively Harley Quinn can perform impressive jumps thanks to her Ulk springs, Catwoman uses her cat dance as a skillful jewel thief and Star Sapphire lures opponents into the trap with her love spell. Thanks to these skills, the henchmen of the main villain Toyman hardly know what is happening to them.

When they’re not having gripping arguments in the name of justice, you can explore the different neighborhoods of Metropolis and visit the coolest places from the series. For example, you can save runaway cats or stock up on new cool outfits that underline your personal style. You can even rebuild a destroyed part of the city and help make Metropolis flourish again with new shops and buildings.