Days Gone developers are working on a new Open World IP

PlayStation fans wondering what Days Gone developer Bend Studio will do next are already getting some details. PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst has confirmed some details about the studio’s next project. While it’s unrelated to Days Gone, its description suggests that it might appeal to the same audience.

Fans have been waiting for specific information about the new game for some time

The pitch for Days Gone 2 was rejected by Sony. This led to a massive petition for the game to come true. Hermen Hulst revealed in an extensive interview with the PlayStation Blog for details on the game. Among other things, the release window of Horizon Forbidden West and the delay of God of War were discussed. According to Hulst, Bend is very passionate about his next game. Hulst confirms that it is an open world system and ensures that it is a new IP. As such, it won’t play within the Days Gone universe, instead players will be thrust into a brand new world.

Fantasy or science fiction instead of zombies?

At the same time, Hulst makes it clear that there are some of the same “systems” that were developed with Day Gone. While it probably won’t be zombies, the game can have anything from a fantasy to a science fiction setting. Likewise, the mechanics could return which allows dozens of enemies to appear on the screen. Hulst also confirms that like Days Gone, this game will be an open world. However, there are still no details on the exact scope.

The sequel sketched by director Jeff Ross would have featured co-op games where players tried to survive and build a base together. While Sony might not have been intrigued by the idea of ​​more Days Gone, possible multiplayer components could have been interesting. However, since the Days Gone-like features are unconfirmed, this is pure speculation.

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While Hulst states that he is “happy” for Bend, it will be interesting to see how fans react to the confirmation of this new IP. With so many signatures on the Days Gone 2 petition, many fans might have preferred to watch this game versus something entirely new.

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