Days Gone 2: Director Shares More Details Of How The Sequel Was Going To Be

We never got to hold a Days Gone 2, but that does not mean that from Sony Bend Studio they were not already shuffling several ideas for this sequel. At the beginning of last year the news broke that Sony canceled the development of this second part of Days Gone, which provoked several reactions: on the one hand, former director Jeff Ross shared that he was going to have cooperative multiplayer; while fans started an online petition for the game to come true. This week, Ross shares more details than we might have expected from Days Gone 2.

Days Gone 2, what could have been

Jeff Ross himself is not even part of the Bend Studio team anymore: he left these offices at the end of 2020 along with creative director John Garvin, who was the one who said that fans could not complain about not having a sequel if they had not supported the first one. game to start. However, his current situation regarding Bend Studio does not prevent Ross talk about what we might have expected from a hypothetical Days Gone 2, and he has done so in an interview with USA Today.

In this way, the game will continue following the story of the protagonist Deacon St. John and his partner Sarah. “Yes, they got back together, but they may not be happy,” Ross began advancing. “So what can we do with that? Okay, they were married before the apocalypse, but what about the future?” It seems that this second part was in charge of exploring the relationship between both protagonists and how it would develop in the face of that future.

A second part that will have continued the story of Deacon and Sarah

Ross has also previously noted that the sequel was going to be more complex than the first part, and this time he added that the player would have more tools to tackle the game. After Deacon acquires the proprietary technology of NERO in the first title, users will be able to benefit from these advantages in the sequel.

On the narrative side we would also have seen the bar being raised towards something more ambitious: “The tone would have expanded one more ring outwardtowards something related to the new reality, “Ross continues.” I think this would have been a bit more … I don’t mean Avengers, but it will be something where the player will have resources, will have some kind of remnant of whatever the government had. “

Unfortunately, Shawn Layden’s departure from the North American PlayStation division was one of the reasons that catapulted the development of this title to cancellation. This is how Ross told it a few days ago, delving into the reasons for Sony’s decision. Meanwhile, the game has sold over 9 million copies and despite these sales the project was described as a “disappointment”.



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