Day care strike: “We parents are at the limit because of Corona” – Munich

In the middle of the pandemic, daycare centers are closed because the teachers are on strike for more money. Is that appropriate? A dispute between a parent representative and a union secretary.

This Monday there will be another strike in the public sector, including in daycare centers. Many urban crèches, kindergartens and after-school care centers will probably not open. The trade unions Verdi and GEW call on the workers in the municipal care facilities to go on a warning strike. Among other things, the trade unions are demanding 4.8 percent more salaries in the nationwide collective bargaining negotiations. In Munich, the garbage collection, street cleaning and the city clinics are also on strike. The fact that educators in particular are called on to walk out angered many parents during the last warning strike at the end of September. Is the anger justified? The union secretary Merle Pisarz von Verdi, a trained educator, and Daniel Gromotka, one of the top parents’ representatives in Munich, are discussing this.