daughter Prigozhin after the wedding complained of domestic violence

In early spring, the daughter of Joseph Prigogine Danae did not cancel the wedding. She married her lover named Eugene. A couple of weeks after the painting, Danae answered questions from subscribers on Instagram.

The producer’s daughter was asked why she chose Evgenia. It turned out that Danae finally met an adequate man after a difficult previous relationship. Her ex-boyfriend bullied her.

news.newsylist.com 1x"/>news.newsylist.com 1x"/> 1x"/>“In a word, the bottom”: Prigogine’s daughter complained about domestic violence after the wedding

“I had a choice, like any normal girl. The choice between: living all my life with a person with whom there is mutual understanding, respect and love, or with a person whom I have known for ten years (there was just affection), but at any moment he could raise a hand against me, change me, thump day and night, disappear. In a word – the bottom, ”wrote Danae Prigozhina.

She also said that a lot of things unite her with Eugene. In her opinion, she and her husband are similar in soul and body, as well as outlooks on life.

Earlier, Joseph Prigozhin condemned Max Barsky for Russophobia and said that the Ukrainian singer would regret it.

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