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The Belgian Data Protection Authority received 1529 data breach notifications last year. That is a growth of almost 300. The regulator attributes the increase to, among other things, working from home in times of corona. The number of reports is much lower than in the Netherlands.

Spokesperson Aurélie Waeterlinckx tells newspaper De Zondag that the regulator has received 1,529 reports of a data breach ‘in the past twelve months’. This is what Waeterlinckx says on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the GDPR, which took place last week. It is therefore not 2021 but the period between May 2021 and May 2022. The GBA has not yet published the 2021 annual report. The number of data breaches rose relatively sharply: in the previous year, the Data Protection Authority still had 1,232.

It only concerns the number of reports of data breaches. This can be the case, for example, if a company is hit by ransomware, but also if someone accidentally puts recipients of an email in the cc instead of the bcc. Waeterlinckx does not mention a distinction between these different types of reports to De Zondag. The spokesperson also does not mention how many privacy tips or complaints have been received.

The regulator attributes the increase in complaints to working from home due to the corona pandemic. “The fact that the number of reports of data breaches has increased over the past two years has to do with the acceleration of digitization in our society during the corona pandemic. This digitization leads to more risks with regard to personal data and privacy. People are working from home more often. necessitating a secure connection to the corporate network.” Waeterlinckx also says that this digitization is causing an increase in cybercrime.

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Although the number of reports to the GBA is increasing, the figures are nothing compared to those from the Netherlands. The Dutch Data Protection Authority received 24,866 data breach reports in 2021. Of these, 2210 were from cyber attacks. Recently, the AP said it could hardly investigate data breach reports because of a too small capacity.



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