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The director of the Roche Farma España Medical Department, Beatriz Pérez.

The capacity of analyze large amounts of data will be “essential” for the promotion of personalized medicine, a new way of solving health problems that will also be based on precision diagnosis and innovative therapies. This has been assured by the director of the Medical Department of Roche Farma Spain, Beatriz Perez, in the second of the conference on Personalized Medicine organized by the pharmaceutical firm. The only company, he pointed out, “capable of developing under the same roof” these three pillars of this medicine of the future.

At the opening of this second part of the “I Conference on Personalized Medicine: realities, challenges and opportunities”, Pérez has valued Roche’s “conviction” for “following betting decisively ”for biomedical research, as well as its “commitment to delve into data analysis and development of all the necessary tools”, from big data to so-called machine learning.

Changes in the relationship with the toilet

At present these tools already exist, and although they are unknown to part of society, they have already changed the way we relate to health systems and professionals “, has influenced Pérez, who has predicted that in the coming years” very interesting changes “will be seen in this ambit.

“For this reason, at Roche we have worked to be the only company capable of developing under the same roof the development of personalized medicine, precision diagnosis and innovative therapies,” he stressed.

Beatriz Pérez herself has highlighted the implications that technological advances have had for the “day to day” of citizens in health matters, especially after the outbreak of a coronavirus that has served as a “catalyst” for technological transformation within the framework of the fight disease.

Along these lines, he reiterated that the conference held by Roche Farma España will talk about the future, “But also of the present” in the field of data management for the benefit of medicine.

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