Darryn Binder realistic and open to a move to Moto2

His promotion to MotoGP, directly from the Moto3 category, had caused some criticism, but it is clear that Darryn Binder has been able to convince with his attitude since the start of the season. A humble rookie with modest expectations, he surprised with a few strokes, particularly during his second Grand Prix, in Indonesia, where he finished tenth, and generally managed to stay out of trouble.

After experiencing in Assen what he described as having been “most likely [son] hardest weekend”he who struggled to get into the rhythm on the Dutch track and who ended with a big crash in the race, the young South African had quickly put things into perspective: “That’s how it is. It’s my rookie season, I couldn’t expect much more from myself. I’m doing my best. I knew there would be some tougher weekends than others. that was one of them, and unfortunately I didn’t get the most out of the race.”

“I really expected to finish these last two races a bit stronger than I did. I’m a bit disappointed with the way I finished this first half. I feel like I had a little harder to prove myself. I needed to keep improving and I expected things to come easy, I just needed to keep working. But when a weekend is as hard as this and I manage to get one step forward in the race, I don’t have to try to do two; I have to stick with one and try again the following week.”

Aware of being at the bottom of the list

Despite his disappointment to end the first part of the championship with two retirements, Binder drew a positive assessment of this series of races, considering himself above what could have been expected of him. With a 12th place in Barcelona added to the points scored in Mandalika, he finds himself mathematically equal with his experienced team-mate Andrea Dovizioso, without having to be particularly ashamed of his ranking in view of the great difficulties encountered by the Yamaha group at the sole exception of Fabio Quartararo.

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“There were ups and downs. I was pretty happy with the ups and I knew there would be downs,” he summed up when leaving Assen, revealing that he was ready to accept any option for his future, including that of possibly seeing the doors of MotoGP close after only one season.

“I think the team didn’t expect much more than I did. Maybe I surprised them in a way, because I think some people had it harder than me,” he pointed out. “I’m doing my best, I’m just trying to make the most of this opportunity given to me and if it doesn’t work out, in the end I can always go to Moto2 and I’ll still be happy to race on the bike. “

The market is particularly turbulent this year in MotoGP, in particular due to the cessation of the Suzuki program resulting in the disappearance of two handlebars for 2023 and the transfer of two top riders. The RNF team, which has set foot in Darryn Binder’s stirrup, is going to change manufacturers to link up with Aprilia and hope to boost its performance. Its places are still officially to be filled, but there are many candidates.

“I expected to know already”, he said, referring to his expectation of an answer as to the follow-up that may be given to his presence in MotoGP. “Until now, I thought maybe I had a chance to keep my place, but at the same time I know that there are more riders than bikes at the moment and I’m all obviously at the bottom of the list. So if this opportunity exists, I would hope to know exactly what will happen now, during this break. If this opportunity does not exist, I will obviously have to look at what my options would be in Moto2. This would be my priority.”

“Even if I were to find out that I’m not staying, I will still enjoy this second part of the year”, a promis Darryn Binder. “I feel like I still have a lot to show and I want to try to achieve my goals, mingle with others and do good races. I would like to improve a bit during the summer break, be a bit more sharpened, a little bit stronger, then come back for the second half and keep getting closer.”

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