Daniela Cruz Garcia reported through a video on social networks that his brother-in-law, Gustavo N, tried to kill her when he ran over her, after she argued with her partner, that is, her sister.

The events would have occurred on the afternoon of Friday, October 8, in a subdivision in the city of Puebla.

According to his account, Daniela received a call from his sister, girlfriend of Gustavo, to ask her for help after the couple argued, because she did not feel in a safe place.

Daniela He arrived at the place where his sister was and, he says, the young man was drunk.

Daniela He asked Gustavo to calm down but he got into his truck and ran over her, passing the car over her legs.

Daniela mind that Gustavo tried to run her over a second time; however, there were people in the place who helped to prevent that from happening.

“At the time of running over and crushing my legs, he tried to run over me a second time and that’s when a person, as best he could, grabbed me and tackled me so that I wouldn’t do it again. There are a good number of videos that capture everything that It happened, “says the young woman crying from the hospital.

Daniela he is in the hospital recovering from spinal surgery.

At video The young woman also said that the young man was arrested and pointed out that they could not do any complaint so he was free.

“Yesterday they did not let us make the complaint anywhere and we could not precede absolutely anything and right now he is free,” he says.

The young woman pointed out that she fears for his life because he is free and assures that it was a attempted murder.

With her, many women joined who showed solidarity and asked for justice so that Gustavo be arrested and face justice.

So far, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Pueblo has not issued a position on the matter.


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