After a long wait, ‘No time to die’ (the 26th installment of the James Bond) has finally been released. This long-awaited movie is the last time we will see Daniel Craig playing the famous secret agent, a journey as Bond that has spanned a staggering 15 years (see what his tough training has been like for his latest James Bond).

During this period, movies and fashion men have fundamentally changed with exciting new results. That is why making a retrospective of the style he has had throughout Daniel Craig’s films as Bond is a great way to honor the actor’s submissions while also showing you a handful of looks clave that you can take inspiration and imitate after he surrenders his license to kill.

Daniel Craig’s James Bond, a style benchmark

Thus, we embarked on this journey through the James Bond from Daniel Craig through his most notable and remembered looks such as that spotless white tuxedo from ‘Specter’ or the brief light blue swimsuit that the actor wore in the iconic scene emerging from the water of ‘Casino Royale’ (and in which he wore the spectacular muscles that got for that delivery).

Without further ado, grab a seat and popcorn to enjoy The 10 best looks Daniel Craig has worn as James Bond and the different ways that we show you to imitate such outfits without having to be a secret agent.

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Casino Royale – Printed shirt and t-shirt

Casino Royale ‘is about Bond turning into 007 – the man, the myth, the legend – so it’s fitting that one of the first sequences to feature Craig as the character is when he’s dressed in a distinctly street look, off duty. . The over-t-shirt patterned shirt of a basic tee and khaki pants dress up Craig’s first look as Bond. It is one of the few times that we will see him opt for something this simple throughout his career. It’s a way of saying that whatever normal life Bond had before turning 007 is now officially gone.


Printed cotton shirt

Casino Royale – Blue swimsuit

In his first film, Craig also starred in a scene that still arouses passions: his coming out of the water in these flashy and understated swim shorts from La Perla. This brand is primarily women’s, but occasionally offers men’s swimwear, although this particular model is unfortunately quite difficult to find. However, this is another similar model. Oh, and if you want to make sure you’re as terrific as Craig when you dramatically emerge from the water, check out his full body workout.

Casino Royale – Tuxedo

‘Casino Royale’ marks the beginning of a historic relationship between Daniel Craig’s Bond and designer Tom Ford. Ford’s debut is in this stunning tuxedo that Bond wears throughout the movie’s poker game sequences. While Ford itself doesn’t offer a traditional tuxedo jacket this season, you can always look for other alternatives like this one we’ve found.

Emidio Tucci

Smoking Regular cut ceremony in black colot.

Quantum of Solace – Cardigan

This film went unnoticed by critics in the Craig era, however I think we can all agree that a cardigan on a ship still looks flawless. The version that Craig wears is similar to this Hackett style and you can complete the look with a white dress shirt from Cortefiel.


Men’s navy blue cardigan with buttoned closure.

Skyfall – Leather jacket

In addition to being the best Bond movie of Craig’s career, ‘Skyfall’ left some great looks. Things start with the only major casual look we’ve seen on Craig, as he spends his time in hiding he wears beige pants and a leather jacket that blows us away. Although the jacket in the film is much more worn, let yourself be carried away by this one from the Selected firm and the chinos which are better than one from Dockers.


Men’s leather jacket


Pantalón Skinny Fit Supreme Flex™ Alpha Khaki.

Skyfall – Classic sailor jacket and gray pants

In ‘Skyfall’, Craig also opts for a pair of gray pants and a striking navy blue pea coat. There is a funny story with this peacoat, which is what this type of coat is called: Made by Alabama designer Billy Reid, the “Bond” peacoat gets its name not from the character but from the street where the brand’s flagship store is located. New York. Craig liked the coat enough to want it to be worn in the movie, and now the coat is a brand staple, so much so that it is usually out of print. The good thing is that we can find very similar designs, as is the case with gray suit pants.


Short coat with crossover closure

Pedro del Hierro

Slim-fit knit chino trousers.

Skyfall – El look ‘Skyfall’

Few cinematic styles have transcended as much as the “Skyfall” style has. Its popularity stems from how accessible the style is and how easily it can be worn on the street, in a bar, or even on a date night, all while making you look great. You can snag the exact style of the Barbour jacket if you wish and then pair it with a deep blue sweater or sweatshirt as our option.


Green men’s coat jacket with two pockets.

Polo Club

Lightweight crew neck jumper

Spectre – Puffer and hiking boots

Frankly speaking, there are some who believe that ‘Specter’ does not work and that he tries too hard to put together all the disparate elements of Craig’s previous installments. But, let’s see, the outfits are excellent.

The first featured item is a modern take on a classic Bond in the snow. Equipped with a jacket that is both a high collar and a padded vest, it is a versatile and practical combination that adapts to Bond devices. However, the highlight is the Danner Mountain Pass boots from Bond. Here are two options for getting this Bond approved look without having access to the MI6 budget.

Ralph Lauren

RLX hybrid down jacket.


Ankeny Mid Hiker snow boots.

Spectre – Beige suit

In ‘Specter’, Bond wears a pair of beige clothes when he arrives in Morocco. It’s a trendy aperitif before the main meal in his ivory tuxedo that we’ll talk about later. To mimic this look, although Craig opts for two different suits, we are more in favor of following the norm and wearing the full suit without inventions.

Spectre – Tuxedo and bow tie

Almost every Bond has worn some version of a white tuxedo at one point or another. Craig’s pick on ‘Specter’ is, of course, Tom Ford, and he pairs that with an incredibly eye-catching diamond-shaped bow tie. Trust Bond’s legacy the next time you have a gala event and sport a white tuxedo and the people around you may wonder whether or not you have a license to kill.

Ralph Lauren

Barathea Gregory model tuxedo blazer.


Plain black silk bow tie

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