The film To die can wait is still not out, it is for September 30, but the actor already has his will. On Thursday, Apple uploaded a documentary, Being James Bond, over the fifteen years that Daniel Craig devoted to the character of the spy, in five films. A nice operation for Apple, which offers the film to its subscribers and recalls that it sells James Bond online, including the four at this stage of the Craig period.

We forgot how badly the actor was received by the fans. After the press conference to present the new Bond in 2006, the English media, among others, went wild. Dull, bland, unworthy… and blond. “A face of putrid ugliness”, we read on the site of a tabloid. The actor is devastated. “It was going way too far,” laments Barbara Broccoli, who appears in the documentary with Michael G. Wilson; both, half-brother and sister, are the producers of the saga. If they then presented the actor as the winner of a competition, Daniel Craig was far from their first choice. Among others, George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen or Jude Law had been approached, and had refused.

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