Without a doubt, 2021 has been a very special and different year for Daniel Arenas. And it is that in addition to the success that the telenovela has brought him SOS I’m falling in love, on the personal side the interpreter could not be happier, since a few months ago he began a courtship next to Daniella Alvarez, something that undoubtedly has him most excited and happy. That is why after a year of hard work and emotions on the surface, the actor has decided to take time for himself and to fully enjoy his family, away from the spotlight and the world of television, so He has packed his bags and has left Mexico to move to his native Colombia, where he will spend the end of the year parties.


This was made known by the handsome actor during a meeting with the press, where he spoke with total openness about the plans he has now that the telenovela recordings have ended. SOS I’m in love. “Rest, tonight I fly … tonight I fly at 1am… It is much needed and I think it is a time when you have to be with your family. Some prefer to go on vacation or other things, I prefer to be with my parents, to be at home. Do not think about anything, turn off the cell phone, fortunately I am not that addicted to the networks, so I am not so aware of that. Dedicate time to me and the people I love“commented the interpreter.

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When asked about his future plans after his vacation and whether he already has a new acting project on the horizon, Daniel was blunt when it came to making it clear that for now he wants to explore new facets and rediscover himself in every way . “I don’t know, I love acting very much, but also I think you have to take breaks in life ... I am interested in having a own business, something that I like, that I am passionate about. I am reinventing, it is never too late to find other passions that give us happiness … Because in many professions you grow and climb the ladder. No, there are also things that one can do without expecting something in return, without expecting a gigantic remuneration … I am in that search to see what comes, “he said excitedly.

The actor insisted that for now he wants to take a break from acting and discover new passions, although he keeps the door open to the opportunities that may come to him in the acting field. “I do not live pending my career nor do I die for my career or if I stop doing it … on the contrary. If it’s still there or if opportunities come, welcome, but I am not that actor who will die acting. I have a lot of respect for the trade and I value very much everything it has given me, but I recognize other things in life and I think that we can also reinvent ourselves at some point and do other things that also generate motivation, peace, joy.”, He confessed.

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Defend the right to your privacy

Without a doubt, Daniel Arenas has always been very jealous of his privacy and is willing to defend it tooth and nail. However, he always has some details with his fans, with whom he has rarely shared glimpses into his private life, something that does not happen often, as the actor has always set certain limits in this regard, especially now that he has started. a relationship with Daniella Álvarez, who is also a public figure. “I really value people’s affection, admiration, being aware, but there is a point that crosses a line and becomes morbid, and with a need to know more, and there I no longer share it. Love is a very beautiful thing and love is something that you have to enjoy, you have to live it, you have to work for it, it is an everyday job. I think it’s up to those two people and no one else, ”said the handsome Columbian. “I will always defend my privacy. Nor am I going to hide it (his love for Daniella), nor do I intend to cover the sun with a finger … Yes we are (together) and whatever you want, but beyond that I will not speak … I think that a couple is built in intimacy, it is a day job, it is something that belongs to two people ”, he concluded.


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