Dani Alves points out the star that Barcelona should sign and the message for the madridistas for the win in the Clásico


Dani Alves granted interviews to Catalan newspapers such as Sport Y Sports world leaving plenty of headlines. The Brazilian is an authorized voice to talk about Barcelona and analyzed the future of the club, pointed out the star they should sign and put names on the table for the right back, his position.

Xavi pronounces on the signing of Haaland by Barcelona

Plan of future for the Barça

“Today’s football doesn’t give you time to wait for the youngsters to get fired up. The sport demands the maximum from you from now on”.

Mbappé o Haaland

“I wouldn’t throw the rest for Haaland. Honestly, I wouldn’t spend a lot of money on it. In Mbappé yes, but in Haaland no. I am playing at being a sports director, but I would bet on Mbappé first. It seems to me more complete in all aspects. If you are going to make a giant investment, you have to do it in the best. If it were up to me, I would bet on Mbappé”.

Mbappe Barca style

“He is the best there is, and for Barça’s style. At this moment, in football, there is no one better than him”.

right sides

“I really like the one from Liverpool, Alexander Arnold, I also really like Hakimi, with buts, but I like what he does. There is one in Flamengo, he is young, I like how he plays and how he understands the game (Matheuzinho)”.

He was left out of the Europa League

“I always understood that life is phases and I know what phase I am in now, closer to the end than the beginning. If he does this to me when I’m 25 years old, we might get into fistfights… but now we’re here to help Barça and I know it hurt him to have to make the decision to leave me out”.

The madness that Dani Alves would do for Messi’s return to Barcelona

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And if they win the Europa League?

“Yes, it is a Barça title. Although it will taste different, if Barça is champion and I’m not in it, the taste will be different… but let Barça come out champion”.

El Clásico against Real Madrid and the celebration

“We weren’t just celebrating the victory in Madrid, they said that for Barça it was a title to win there. We were celebrating the bathroom that we hit them, my 400 games and the return of the team. Don’t let the people of Madrid think that we were celebrating that we scored 4, because other times we scored five, or six… And it came out cheap… The fair thing would have been a 0-6”.

His arrival on the team

“I found myself in a locker room with low self-esteem for whatever reason. You can’t perform at your best if you don’t believe in yourself.”

Will Xavi be the new Guardiola?

“We are working very hard. It’s the first time since I’ve been at Barça that I’ve worked like this. We work more on a physical level, but it is also important to keep in mind that football has changed. Guardiola had a lot of good players and we didn’t have to run up and down. I already said ten years ago that Xavi would be Barça’s Guardiola 3.0”.


“You could come back a year with me for one last dance. Why not? There is no better place than this. We couldn’t be better than at Barça. He has gone outside and tasted the experience. It’s time to go home if he wants to.”

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