Dani Alves is “very thin” according to a cellmate

Dani Alves is “very thin” according to a cellmate

In detention for five months for the alleged rape of a woman at the end of December, Dani Alves has a hard life in the Barcelona penitentiary. To believe Asand the cellmate of the Brazilian interviewed by the Madrid daily, the former dashing side is regularly apostrophized and called «rapist » and D’“homosexual» by other inmates. At the limit of autarky, Alves would leave his jail only to go to the gym. Otherwise, he only watches television, one of his rare privileges within the penitentiary.

His cellmate also finds that the former Parisian, who still claims that the act was consented, is ” very thin and became sadsince his incarceration in mid-January. “He eats the exact same shit they give us. As is “, he also adds. Note that the oldpaulistacelebrated his 40e birthday in prison, this Saturday. As a reminder, the first request for release on bail was refused by the Catalan court. The defense would be in possession of video evidence undermining the complainant’s version.

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