The online shopping platform is to disappear from the results of Internet search engines such as Google in France and is also to be delisted from other online services. This was ordered by the Minister for Economic Affairs, Bruno Le Maire, and referred to regulations under European law.

As a justification, Le Maire refers to random checks of articles that have been sold through Many products would have proven to be illegal or even dangerous. It looked particularly bad in the product categories toys (95 percent non-compliant, 45 percent dangerous) and electrical appliances (95 percent non-compliant, 90 percent dangerous). In addition, further violations were found. has been under scrutiny since 2018, according to the French government. The investigation of the product safety of the articles sold there was carried out by the consumer protection agency DGCCRF, before the business practices had been analyzed. It has been found that is also “unsatisfactory” with product withdrawals and recalls. In some cases, products reported as dangerous were removed from the range within 24 hours, but in the majority of cases they are then sold again under different names. If there was a callback, customers would receive too little information, especially about the dangers, even if knew about it.

The platform became known for its aggressive advertising for low prices on Facebook, and the name of the shopping site is now almost synonymous with counterfeit products and poor quality. For years, complaints about the side have been increasing. The French government had asked the operators to remove misleading information about products, to draw attention to dangers and to inform about controls within two months. Since this had not been met, it has now been ordered to be removed from the list. If still does not comply with the requests, they will go a step further and ban the site from France entirely, he assured Reuters. has “a few weeks” to prevent this from happening.

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