One organ is particularly severely affected.

Scientists in Canada have stated that the popular vitamin D, if taken incorrectly, can cause serious health problems. As an example, experts told about a case from their practice, when a patient who abused vitamin D caused serious damage to his kidneys.

A 54-year-old Canadian sought medical help. The man complained of feeling unwell.

The standard set of studies did not reveal any abnormalities in the patient, but a more detailed analysis showed that the level of calcium and parathyrin in the man’s blood was too high, a hormone responsible for removing calcium from the body.

Such a character picture for patients with kidney problems, so the man was sent for additional examination. It also confirmed the suspicions of doctors.

As it turned out, the patient self-prescribed vitamin D intake and took it without interruption for several years. As a result, an excess of this vitamin was formed in his body.

In addition, shortly before hospitalization, the man went on vacation and spent a lot of time in the sun, during which this vitamin is produced by the body on its own.

The patient ultimately needed long and expensive treatment, after which he nevertheless had chronic kidney disease, Channel Five reports.

It has been previously reported that excess vitamin D intake can lead to hypercalcemia, which, in turn, can lead to the formation of kidney stones.

Doctors warn that only doctors after special studies can accurately confirm vitamin D deficiency and prescribe the necessary dose of special supplements.


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