This fall, for the first time, residents of Buryatia will experience an unusual combination of a combination of influenza A, B and coronavirus. For a successful fight against infection in the republic, it is necessary to form a collective immunity. To do this, you need to vaccinate against influenza, not 50% of the population as usual, but more than 60%. And in risk groups (the elderly, people with chronic diseases, children, doctors and teachers), at least 75% of people need to be vaccinated, representatives of the regional Ministry of Health said at a press conference today.

– Our region will be gradually supplied with a new quadrivalent vaccine. It was made specifically to protect the population. We urge everyone to be vaccinated in polyclinics of the city and districts. All medical teams are ready to travel to children’s teams to administer the vaccine, but in compliance with the list of restrictive measures. The influenza vaccine is new, safe, – said Victoria Kolmakova, chief physician of polyclinic №2.

The Ministry of Health assured that after the introduction of the vaccine, immunity to various types of influenza will be formed within a month. Also this season in Buryatia, monitoring of the incidence of 17 types of adenoviruses will be expanded. They will be monitored by the elderly, doctors, teachers and children’s groups in order to close them in quarantine in time.

Influenza vaccine will be delivered to Buryatia in mid-August. The vaccination campaign starts in September. In addition, the republic additionally purchased a batch of pneumococcal vaccine for people at risk to prevent pneumonia. It took 10 million rubles.