Dalma Maradona’s controversial tweet during the fire in Recoleta that he later had to delete

Dalma Maradona posted a tweet that she later deleted

This morning, Dalma Maradona received harsh criticism on social media after posting a somewhat unfortunate tweet. It was in the midst of the tragic fire that occurred this Thursday morning in a building in Recoleta. The daughter of Diego Armando Maradona complained about the traffic cuts that affected that area and there were not a few who quickly marked his ignorance of the facts.

Dalma is a few weeks away from giving birth to her second daughter, Azul. The 35-year-old actress had a medical shift on Paraguay Street, very close to the place where the terrible fire occurred that left at least five fatalities and 35 injured. But she was unaware of the situation.

Claudia Villafañe’s daughter had a sudden fit of fury due to the traffic chaos in the area and turned to her social networks to complain and ask her more than 900,000 followers what was happening in the area. “What the hell is going on in Paraguay street?! I have a medical shift down that street and everything is cut off!”, Gianinna’s sister wrote along with several angry emojis. This was published a few minutes after 8:30 in the morning, at the exact moment when the rescue teams and firefighters were in full swing.

Thus, the Twitter users did not let him pass the message and demanded that he be more respectful. “More respect, baby. A fire and half the family died. You have to listen to the news before leaving home and not complain”, a woman told him. “Doesn’t it occur to you that maybe something serious happened? Like for example a fire where adults and children died?”, another person wrote. Given the criticism received, Dalma decided to remove the controversial tweet, although a while later he reflected on it: “Give me even one cool reason to use Twitter!“said the mother of Roma.

The tweet that Dalma Maradona deleted (Photo: Twitter)
The tweet that Dalma Maradona deleted (Photo: Twitter)

Three minors and two adults died this morning from an impressive fire unleashed on the seventh floor of a building located in Ecuador at 1,000, a few meters from Córdoba Avenue, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta. The tragic fatal balance was reported by the head of the SAME, Alberto Crescenti, who arrived at the scene with more than 20 ambulances. 35 wounded were also reported, who were hospitalized in different Buenos Aires health centers.

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The fire broke out around 6 in the morning in a building with a ground floor and 14 floors, sources from the City Police confirmed to Infobae. The first flames were registered in an environment of 3x10x2.8 meters, and quickly covered the kitchen, three bedrooms and a bathroom. The incident also reached connecting corridors, which caused the affected area to expand.

The flames also spread to the 8th floor, where they took the living room of an apartment. The rest of the rooms were affected by smoke blackening and glass breakage. For its part, on floors above the eighth no more victims were evacuated.

“Unfortunately, there are three deceased minors despite the efforts made to revive them. Two women also, one deceased in the Ramos Mejía and another in the Fernández. There were 18 more transfers. We continue to go through the floors to get the affected people out. We are going floor by floor”Crescenti told the media stationed at the scene.

In total, 35 people were treated for carbon monoxide inhalation, 11 at the scene and 19 were transferred in 22 ambulances to six health centers: 7 to Gutiérrez Hospital, 4 to Ramos Mejía Hospital, 2 to Rivadavia Hospital, 3 to Hospital Férnandez, 2 to Hospital Elizalde and 1 to Hospital Durand. The other five people died.


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