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Undoubtedly it was one of the events of the last year: the death of Diego Maradona marked the Argentines and the whole world. And what happened at his wake is still being talked about and will be talked about forever. It was at the Casa Rosada, it is known, and ended in the middle of a chaos of bars and public that wanted to say goodbye to the world soccer star.

Dalma Maradona spoke of everything that happened in those hours, during her time in Los Angeles de la Mañana, the Angel de Brito program, on eltrece. “We wanted to do something private for ourselves, for him, for his family; we deserved to say goodbye. But we felt there was the other: he would have liked to have a massive send-off. We did not know whether to make it private or public: we knew that any decision would be wrong “, started.

“At one point sadly, I don’t blame all the people, it went awry in a horrible way. They fired tear gas inside. I found out because it happened to my husband. People began to come very close and it was not because we announced that the wake was ending, it was earlier ”, followed.

“And we had to make the decision to end it because what was happening was not right. It wasn’t the way. At that moment we said: ‘There is no more, it has to end’ “Dalma explained, very moved by her story.

“It was not the idea to leave it for five days: I was not prepared for that to happen. We weren’t going to do it. To please whom? When the most important thing is him. It was horrible having to listen to nonsense, like he had asked to be embalmed. We never talk about his death with my dad “, he remembered.

“Yes, he had told us a long time ago that if something ever happened to him, he wanted to be with his parents. That, yes or yes, we said that it had to be fulfilled “He told about the place where Diego is buried, in the Bella Vista area.

Regarding the non-greeting to Cristina Kirchner, the vice president in the Argentines, Dalma launched. “It was confusing. First she greets my mother and when she comes to greet us, she says: ‘Let’s not hug each other because of this Covid’, and we said: ‘No, obviously. So many nonsense were said and we were always in the middle ”.

Another point to clarify about Maradona’s funeral was the request that Rocío Oliva, Maradona’s last couple, not enter the place: “I’m just going to say it wasn’t mom. She made no decision, but Rocío used to say that to make a bard. I prefer to leave it there. As we are always going to be to blame, it doesn’t matter what I say ”.

To this day, they recriminate us things that they do not recriminate anyone. Anyway, nothing bothers me in that sense anymore. My dad is not here, so there is nothing that can hurt me more. From there, I relaxed: I give much less explanations than before and I am much calmer ”, Dalma finished.

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