Lacking staff, the boss of a Texan restaurant solved the problem by using robot servers.

The robot waiter helps the human employees of the restaurant.


“It was obvious,” Espartaco Borga, owner of Latin restaurant La Duni in Dallas, United States, told CNN. When his establishment struggled to find employees, while the clientele was gradually returning after the coronavirus pandemic and the cold snap that hit the region at the start of the year, the boss made a choice : recruit three robot servers in place of their human equivalents.

“All of a sudden we had 50 to 100% more business than we needed to do, even before the Covid, with a third of the staff. Everyone was overwhelmed, overworked and frustrated, both customers and staff, ”recalls the manager. So he decided to contact the robotics company American Robotech, also based in Texas.
The next day, the firm arrived to map the restaurant and assign numbers to the tables. After 45 minutes, the robot servers, which he each rents $ 15 a day, were already starting their first shift by taking orders through their touch screens and serving customers with the help of a human employee.

Well received

“They can even sing ‘Happy Birthday’”, underlines the boss, who explains that their reception was good on behalf of the customers. “They don’t see them as tablets on wheels, but rather as creatures that are part of the establishment experience, because these robots have personalities and can interact with customers.”

To those who point out to him that robots steal the work of humans, he retorts: “Guess what! No. They don’t take work from anyone, because no one shows up. What they do is help those who really work. ”


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