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Daimler shares are a treat for value investors. Based on earnings estimates for the current fiscal year, the P/E is around 6 and the dividend yield is around 6.2%. For a long time, CEO Ola Källenius was quite reticent about the public, but now he is attacking Tesla head-on. At the CES trade fair in Las Vegas, Daimler presented the EQXX concept car with a range of 1000 kilometers. A new battery with a higher energy density was used. Solar cells on the vehicle roof are the icing on the cake of Daimler’s innovation offensive.

With the EQXX, Daimler presents an electric car with a range of more than 1,000 km!

The Swabians spent 18 months working on the new EQXX concept car. The fact that the usual development time of four to five years has been reduced so much is probably also due to the competitive pressure from Tesla. When the competition is breathing down your neck, you become inventive. The fact that the new EQXX is literally miles ahead of the competition is thanks to the new generation of lithium-ion batteries. The 100 KW compact battery installed in the EQXX not only has a higher energy density than conventional lithium-ion batteries, but is also significantly more economical with a power consumption of just 10 kWh per 100 kilometers. The new high-performance battery cell is supported by solar panels integrated on the vehicle roof, which also supply the EQXX with energy while driving and thus enable an additional range of up to 25 km.

Other electric car models should also benefit from the EQXX platform

The new “Vision EQXX” not only sets new standards with its sporty design, the well-known luxurious interior and a futuristic user interface that extends over the entire width of the cockpit, but is also intended to become the basis for future electric cars as a model platform . Daimler also wants to transfer the new EQXX model concept to the development of new Stromer models, which, in conjunction with the new e-car platform strategy, will enable cost savings in the billions. Thanks to the compact design, the space required for the new high-performance battery cell is comparatively small, while the new integrated 900-volt system also significantly shortens the charging process. The new lithium-ion battery is therefore perfectly suited for the latest generation of Stromer models from the Stuttgart-based premium manufacturer, especially since the new compact battery can also be used with minor modifications, for example for small cars such as the new all-electric A-Class models can use.

In the premium segment, Daimler wants to clearly beat Tesla

Thanks to the new development and production concept, Daimler has a good chance of continuing to generate double-digit operating profit margins, despite investing billions in the implementation of its electric car offensive. Thanks to the conversion of the model range, which has been pushed ahead with high pressure, Group CEO Ola Källenius has come a good deal closer to his goal of becoming the leading and at the same time most profitable premium manufacturer. Since Daimler has recently caught up with the competition in terms of design with concept models such as the EQT, the new S-Class coupe or the “Vision EQXX”, the company is well prepared for a major attack on the industry leader Tesla. The recent approval of the luxury S-Class series model for highly automated driving (level 3) by the Federal Motor Transport Authority shows that Daimler is also technologically at least on par with its archrival in the US. Because with the road approval of the new S-Class for semi-autonomous driving on designated sections of road, you are ahead of Tesla, at least in Germany!

Daimler shares: favorable valuation and convincing electric car strategy

A P/E rating of around 6 and a convincing electric car strategy by Daimler CEO Ola Källenius make the stock appear attractive from a value point of view.

Product idea: Classic discount certificate on Daimler

Discount certificates are an attractive alternative to investing directly in shares. Investors can choose from a selection of corresponding products based on the underlying Daimler AG. One example is a discount certificate that matures on March 24, 2023 (repayment date) and is currently quoted at a discount of around 15% on the Daimler AG share price. The investor does not receive any other income (e.g. dividends) and has no further claims from the underlying. The amount of the possible repayment is limited by the cap at 70.00 euros.

There are two options for repaying the certificate:

1. If the closing price of Daimler AG on the XETRA Frankfurt stock exchange on March 17, 2023 (reference price) is at or above the cap, the investor receives the maximum amount of EUR 70.00.

2. If the reference price is below the cap, the investor receives a redemption amount that corresponds to the reference price multiplied by the subscription ratio (1.00). The investor suffers a loss if the redemption amount is less than the purchase price of the product.

A total loss of the invested capital is possible (total loss risk). A total loss occurs, if the reference price is zero is. A total loss of the capital employed also possible if DZ BANK as the issuer can no longer fulfill its obligations under the certificate due to official orders or insolvency (insolvency/overindebtedness).

The discount certificate described here is aimed at investors who have an investment horizon up to March 24, 2023 and assume that the underlying Daimler AG will be at or above EUR 70.00 on March 17, 2023.

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