Daimler and Adidas also pay corona bonuses

Dhe more than 160,000 employees of the Daimler Group can look forward to a Christmas present from their employer. As Daimler announced on Tuesday, it pays its employees in Germany a one-time corona bonus of up to 1000 euros with their December salary. Full-time employees receive the full amount, which applies to most of the collective bargaining employees, as a Daimler spokeswoman said. The bonus is reduced proportionally for part-time employees. Apprentices and students employed at Daimler on a dual course of study receive 300 euros.

According to the federal government’s corona regulations, the special payment is tax-free and no social security contributions are deducted. The corona bonus alleviates the economic and personal burdens and recognizes the commitment of Daimler employees in the pandemic, it said in a message. With the bonus, the company wants to “set a sign of recognition”.

The sporting goods manufacturer Adidas argues similarly in the case of its Corona thank you bonus of up to 1000 euros per employee, which was also announced on Tuesday. The employees worked tirelessly for the company during the pandemic, said Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted. “With this one-off payment, we want to honor the commitment of each individual and say thank you.”

Daimler and Adidas are the next major companies in Germany to grant their employees pandemic bonuses. A few days ago the housing company Vonovia announced that it would be paying its 10,000 or so employees a special payment of 1,500 euros for their “exceptional performance”. The bonus for the approximately 235,000 employees of the Munich-based Siemens Group is up to 1,000 euros.