Daily Kcal intake as a teenager 17?? (health and medicine, sports, nutrition)

Hello, I’ve been going to the gym 3-5 times for quite some time. I have visible abdominal muscles all year round and should always be around 13% body fat. At the beginning of May I decided to reduce my body fat percentage and I am currently below 10%. As a teenager, it is often recommended to eat a lot of kcal and I am not yet fully grown. However, I do not want to increase again, but rather still nh % down. How many calories can I eat without harming my growth and without putting on weight again?

I’m currently 177 tall, back in the 60 kilos and started dieting at 64. Slightly developed muscles all over the body nods inflated. Otherwise relatively few steps in everyday life because I ride a motorcycle.

Constructive answers would help me a lot thanks. In some of the last questions there is more information and pictures if that could help with the estimation.

So finally, how many kcal can I eat without preventing growth and without building up fat or, in the best case, going down a bit and which macronutrient classification makes sense?

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