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Los gasoline prices continue to increase, but at least the Father’s dayNorth Texas dads could get some relief in their pocket with gallons of free gasoline which you can get at two local stations.

The initiative North Texas Honda Dealers announced that this Friday, June 17 and 19, parents will be able to get free gasoline.

They are not asked for any requirements, they are only encouraged to take a photo with the staff at the gas pumps, the North Texas Honda Dealers Press Department confirmed.

On Friday they pumped 1,600 gallons, which is equivalent to $6,600 dollars in gasoline, the organization told Noticias 23.

The locations with free gas are these:

⛽️ Valero en Fort Worth
⏰ Hours: Friday June 17, from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
📍Location: 10880 N. Beach St.

⛽️ Valero Frisco
⏰ Hours: Sunday June 19, from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
📍Location: 3272 Parkwood Blvd.

How to save gasoline in the face of rising prices?

If you are not a father of a family and you are looking to save on fuel at this time when prices have a historical rise, we have some recommendations for you to save on gasoline.

Economist Carlos Guamán advises downloading applications like Gasbuddy to monitor which are the stations that sell the cheapest gasoline.

One more tip is to tilt the gas tank pump when you’re done shopping so the remainder can pour out completely. This will ensure that you do not leave a single drop in the fuel hose.

You can also do this to save gas:

  1. respect the speed limits
  2. Do not brake abruptly
  3. If you carry suitcases, you must place them in the trunk; not up because that way you spend more gasoline.



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