Daddy Yankee signs to be producer of Netflix series “Neon”

Daddy Yankee signs to be producer of Netflix series “Neon”

Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Daddy Yankee has signed on to produce “Neon,” the upcoming Netflix comedy series. announced the platform this Monday on social media.

Through Instagram, Netflix indicated that “The legendary Daddy Yankee AKA The Big Boss will executive produce “Neon,” a new comedy series coming soon to Netflix. Spoiler alert: he will also make a cameo«.

The release date of the series “Neon”, whose plot takes place in Miami and is scheduled for this year, is still unknown.

In eight episodes, the series will tell the story of three friends who move from a small town in Florida to Miami with the hope of making it big in the world of reggaeton. It chronicles his big dreams and the harsh comedic reality of trying to make it in the music industry.

Tyler Dean Flores stars as Santi, a reggaeton artist who, with the help of his friends Ness (Emma Ferreira) and Felix (Jordan Mendoza) and A&R manager Mia (Courtney Taylor), hopes to become the world’s biggest rock star. this music genre.

Daddy Yankee announced his decision to retire from music in March 2022 and now begins a new stage in his career as a producer.

After announcing his retirement from the world of music, He had planned to perform his last three concerts in Puerto Rico in January, but they were postponed to the end of this year.

The artist will perform five performances of “La Meta” that has already sold all the tickets, concerts that he will offer between November 30 and December 3 at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico in San Juan and will thus close his musical career.

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Recently his topic «Gasoline» entered the sound record that the United States Library of Congress, the largest in the world, save for posterity.

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