Dachau – turning assistant helps the fire brigade – Dachau

The Dachau fire brigade has recently started driving with a turning assistant. It is a significant plus in traffic safety, say the fire fighters. That’s why the three largest vehicles were equipped with it. The assistant warns the driver, for example, when cyclists or pedestrians are in the blind spot. At the same time, a monitor shows these road users. “The Dachau fire brigade is pleased that we can contribute to more safety in traffic with these turning assistants,” says Commander Thomas Hüller at the presentation of the system with Lord Mayor Florian Hartmann and Peter Strauch, who is not only an active member of the fire brigade, but also a fire brigade advisor on the city council . The trip to a mission is demanding enough. “Anything that can then support the driver and make the journey safer for our colleagues and citizens is welcome,” says Hüller.

With just under 1,400 euros per turning assistant, the improvement is quite inexpensive, emphasized Mayor Florian Hartmann. “I wish our volunteer fire brigade continued accident-free travel to their operations – and thank you very much for your daily commitment to the well-being and safety of all of us,” he continued.

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