D2/J21: Gbikinti FC defeated again, results and standings – Togo Foot

D2/J21: Gbikinti FC defeated again, results and standings – Togo Foot

The last meeting on the program of the 21st day of the second division national football championship was played on Thursday. The leader Gbikinti conceded a second consecutive defeat against Maranatha 0 goal against 1.

It is an unexpected scenario that we witnessed this Thursday. Indeed on the occasion of the 21st day of the D2, Gbikinti received at the municipal stadium of Kara, Maranatha of Fiokpo. On arrival the lions of Mont Barbar-Bassar fell 0 goals against 1. This therefore makes two defeats in as many games after the independence cup for the proteges of Adjika Komi who seem to be blunted. With this victory, the messengers of Fiokpo rise to 6th position, 6 points behind the second, Doumbé.

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Here are the results :

Doumbe 2-1 Agouwa

Haknour 4-2 Agaza

Foukpa 0-3 Koroki

Arabia 1-0 Ifodjé

Kotoko vs JCA (interrompu)

Shooting Star 2-0 Foadan


1- Gbikinti 43 pts+13

2- Doumbé 38 pts+8 (-1match)

3- Arabia 34 pts+11

4- Ifodjè 34 pts+7

5- CDF Haknour 33pts+11

6- Maranathha 32 points+8

7- Shooting Star 32 pts+6

8- Agaza 30 pts+3

9- Cloak 30pts+0

10- JCA 26pts-2 (-2match)

11- Agouwa 22pts-8

12- Foukpa 20 pts-24

13- Foadan 16 pts-12

14- Kotoko 7 pts-21(-1match)

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