D1 (F) D8&10: Asko (F) and Friends of the World still intractable – Togo Foot

D1 (F) D8&10: Asko (F) and Friends of the World still intractable – Togo Foot

The women’s championship was this Wednesday on its 10th day in Pool A and on the 8th day in Pool B.

Beaten the previous day, Asko women recovered by beating Pilots FC three goals to zero with a goal from Kayaba Tatiana. Gazelle FC for its part scored a second victory in a row by defeating Star Women 4 goals to 1. However, Djabir FC and New Star separated back to back with a score of zero goals everywhere.

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In Group A, we still have to wait before seeing Winner Girls’ first victory of the season. Indeed this Wednesday at home, the Notsé club recorded a new defeat of 0 goals against 3 in front of Ac Amis du monde. Believer FC traveling to Ahépé surprised local Ahé FC 1 goal to 0. Tempête FC bit the dust 0 goal to 1 in front of Us Amou. A total of 13 goals were recorded at the end of this day for an average of 2.16 goals per match.

Here are the recorded results:

Pool A
Ahé 0 vs 1 Believer
Tempête 0 vs 1 US Amou
Winners Girls 0 vs 3 Amis du monde

Pool B
Gazelle 4 vs 1 Female Star
Djabir 0 vs 0 New Star
Driver 0 vs 3 Asko women


Pool A

1- Friends of the World 19pts+19

2- Athleta 16pts+2

3- Ahe FC 15pts+8

4- US Amou 13pts+3

5- Believer 10pts-1

6- Tempếte FC 9pts-2

7- Winner Girls 1pt-29

Pool B

1- Asko F. 17pts+12

2- Gazelle FC 15pt+7

3- New Star 10pt+0

4- Djabir FC 7pts-2

5- FC 7pt-7 driver

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6- Female Star

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