D-ABPA: Lufthansa deploys the first Boeing 787 domestically first

The German airline is eagerly awaiting its first Boeing 787. It should arrive soon, according to Lufthansa. After a conversion, it will only get special operations.

At the end of May, the Boeing 787 with the serial number 62730 completed the last test flights. Now she is waiting in Everett near Seattle for the American aviation authority to accept her. Lufthansa announced that once the Federal Aviation Administration FAA had given the go-ahead, the Dreamliner, which was already in its definitive livery, would be taken over immediately.

The airline speaks of “in the summer”. This is the expression that she has been using for the delivery of the first Boeing 787-9 for a long time and is not exactly defined. Boeing had to halt deliveries of Dreamliners due to a variety of production issues and won’t be able to resume them until July at the earliest. Originally, Lufthansa should have received the first copy in 2021.

First installation of the cabin in Frankfurt

After the transfer to Germany, the cabin is first installed in the long-haul aircraft in Frankfurt. That takes several weeks. After that, the Boeing 787-9 will initially be on routes in Germany for training purposes. A spokesman said it has not yet been decided what that will be. Only then will the D-ABPA be handed over to its true purpose and head for intercontinental destinations. First up will be Toronto.

Lufthansa ordered seven more Boeing 787-9s at the beginning of May. They are intended to close the capacity gaps caused by the delayed delivery of the Boeing 777 X. The German airline will receive a total of 32 Dreamliners.

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