Cyclists seriously injured in collision, fleeing motorist is known

Two cyclists were seriously injured on Friday night after a motorist hit them on Mecklenburgstraat in Eindhoven. The motorist fled after the collision and had still not reported to the police by 12 noon on Saturday afternoon. “But we have a strong suspicion who the driver is.”

The collision took place at a quarter past four in the morning, near Sint Lambertusstraat. The car crashed about 230 meters after the collision, according to a 112 correspondent.

The car flipped over and came to a stop against a lamppost. The driver then fled. He may also be injured himself.

The cyclists who were hit are a man and a woman of 30 years from Eindhoven. The man is seriously injured, but the woman is also in hospital with injuries.

Due to the seriousness of their situation, an air ambulance was called. The man was rushed to a hospital in Tilburg.

‘Heard something’
The brother of the woman who was hit came on Saturday morning to take a look at the scene of the collision. Neighbors also did this.

“I had heard something during the night, but I was not thrilled,” says one of them. “Ambulances often drive through the street here.”

dark curls
The suspect is a 22-year-old man with dark curly hair, according to a police spokeswoman. He was wearing black clothes at the time of the accident. The man disappeared in the direction of Anna van Englandstraat.

The Mecklenburgstraat was closed in both directions due to the collision. The police conducted an extensive investigation and officers were busy looking for the driver of the car, who is believed to be injured.

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The road was reopened around 12 noon on Saturday afternoon.

Witnesses to the collision and anyone who knows the driver’s whereabouts are asked to contact the police.



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