CyberGhost VPN hits hard with its new offer at € 1.99 / month for 15 months!

In a bustling VPN market with sometimes uncertain services, it’s not always easy to distinguish the best deals and, above all, those that are really right for you. Efficient, reliable and secure, CyberGhost is doing well.

For less than € 2 per month, you have the opportunity to secure up to 7 devices, whether smartphones, tablets, or even PCs. Something to delight the whole family, adults and children alike.

And there is not much to complain about, since neither the speed of execution of your devices, nor that of your web browsing, will be impacted. Plus, with nearly 7,000 servers spread across all continents, hiding your IP address will be a snap. Protecting yourself from potential hackers as well as from ignoring potential geographic restrictions becomes very easy thanks to a very intuitive interface, allowing a simplified use of CyberGhost even for the uninitiated.

Want to learn even more about CyberGhost’s strengths and (rare) weaknesses? Check out our 100% independent Clubic test sifting through this VPN, for an almost perfect score of 9/10!

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