customers reported that they wanted to scam them with the menu in a restaurant

A woman denounced through social networks that they wanted to scam her at the restaurant “The Forest Grill “ of Córdoba: according to affirmed, they gave him the consumption bill with higher prices than those I had seen on the menu of the place.

The complainant, called Florence, he told the middle La Estafeta Online who traveled with his family from the City of Córdoba to Big house –a town in the Punilla Valley, northwest of the province – for tourism.

On July 11, she and four other people – two were boys ages 2 and 3 – went to have lunch to a local grill after a morning at the zoo Carreta Tattoo. When they read the menu, he recounted, they thought that the prices “they were a bit expensive“However, they decided to stay because they felt they could afford the expense.

Ticketazo: what happened at the El Bosque de Córdoba Grill

Location. It happened in Casa Grande, province of Córdoba. Illustrative photo / file:

Once they finished eating, they asked for the bill: they said they were charged 2020 pesos for two Neapolitan Milanese with fries; “6 cortes“of meat by $1160; a plate of noodles with cream a $950; a water and a coke $940; Heineken beer $820; two sticks “ice cream” $620; portion of fries $530; mixed flan $460; and two empanadas for $260. Total, they had to pay $7760. But, they asserted, the amounts of the invoice they weren’t the same than those in the letter.

“Of course we saw the letter before we sat down. The prices seemed to us accessible because we understood that by the pandemic and the lack of work things were going to be a little expensive, although we could afford it. When the account was paid, the problems: ticket prices they did not match with the letter and they wanted us charge extras What 420 pesos for add cream to the noodles and others 200 by flan cream“, he assured La Estafeta Online.

In addition, Florencia complained about another situation: “They also told us that the milanesas did not come with potatoes, but the menu included fries. Beyond that the final amount It was crazy, the truth is that there were prices that they were not specified in the letter. We had made a preliminary calculation to pay some $1200 per adult and they wanted to charge us almost $2000“.

Invoice.  The detail of the consumptions, shared in networks by Florencia.

Invoice. The detail of the consumptions, shared in networks by Florencia.

What did the manager tell them

The family, enraged, spoke with the manager of the establishment. Then, he replied that they were wrong on his claim and then gave them a letter to look at. According to Florence, that letter was different from the previous one.

“They told me I was wrong, that had to pay or they called the police, to which I had no objection to him coming. In full discussion we grab a letter, which was at the table of some boys who had just sat down, to compare it with the one the manager gave us. And we realize that counted on the prices we had seen when we order food. We conclude that They had two cards: one for when you ask and one for when you pay”, He declared.

In the end, the diners agreed to pay $5427: it was the total amount based on the first menu they had read. Florencia, who revealed the fact on her Facebook account, warned that will make a complaint before Consumer Defense.

Lunch.  The family ate asado, among other dishes.  Illustrative photo: pxhere.

Lunch. The family ate asado, among other dishes. Illustrative photo: pxhere.

“There were people who criticized me in the I post, although I just want it not to happen to someone else. We are going to get advice and we are going to file a complaint. We had a beautiful morning and they ruined our afternoon. The one in charge wanted to take advantage for being tourists. We have nothing to say about the girl who attended us, she treated us excellently, “said the woman.

Clarion tried to communicate in several opportunities to the telephone number that appears in the ticket of the restaurant, but they never attended. The grill is not listed on Google Maps. They also do not have social networks, at least with that name.

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