Customer tries to buy Smart TV for 17 pesos and it goes viral

There is no doubt that all kinds of stories happen in self-service stores, which many times become viralsuch is the case of a customer of the Walmart chainwhich became a trend in social networks after try to buy a Smart TV for the small amount of 17 pesos just as you read it!

The case was made known on the internet, however, it is not known exactly in which part of Mexico it occurredthe truth is that, according to several Internet users, the person tried to purchase a 55-inch TCL 4k UHD television which would normally cost around 9 thousand 500 pesosfor almost one percent of its value.

The reason? It was because had a label that, perhaps by mistake, it had placed and in which it was read that it was from a roll of napkins and indicating the price of 17.60 pesos.

In this situation, the client in search of a great offer, insisted that the price be respected on the Smart TVnevertheless, this did not materialize because in the label specified that this cost corresponded to the napkins and not the one on the screen.

It is important to mention that, These types of cases are usually very common in important sales events such as El Buen Finthen, according to the Federal Consumer Protection Office (PROFECO), in its last season more than 472 complaints by customers of stores such as Soriana, Sam’s Club and Walmart.

Faced with this type of situation, the public body has reminded customers that must assert their right to respect the price displayedthen in the articles 7 and 7 bis of the Federal Consumer Protection Lawdetails that the supplier is obliged to respect the prices displayed next to the product.

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As mentioned before, this type of situation happens frequently, and something similar happened in 2018 in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahuawhere some clients of Bodega Aurreraonly that, unlike the case mentioned above, they went out with their 32-inch televisions in hand who charged them 3.29 pesos for the device.

At that time several people noticed that some items were priced at 2, 3 and 5 pesosamong which there were computers and speakersin the store located on Avenida Perimetral Carlos Amaya, number 3146.

In this way, it was like about 100 customers took advantage of the offer that, although initially had been denied in the boxes, it was finalized in sale after a group started a series of discussions inside the branch that forced it to be closed by the employees themselves.



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