Customer makes restaurant staff cry – owners close for a day

Customers make restaurant staff cry – owners close for a “day of friendliness”

Service staff do not always have an easy time with their guests (symbol picture)

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Service staff in gastronomy have to struggle more often with difficult and unfriendly customers, but things seem to have gotten worse since the corona pandemic. Two restaurant owners in the USA make this public – and are celebrated for it.

The corona pandemic with the associated restrictions is causing tense nerves for many people and various customers: inside seem to be taking it out on the service staff. Two restaurant owners from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, took action and closed their shop for a day to take their staff out for a “Day of Kindness” so they can relax from the rude clientele.

It was particularly bad last Thursday, report the owners in the “New York Times”. On that day, a customer would have insulted the youngest of the waitresses so badly that she would have cried. The reason for his anger: She wasn’t allowed to serve him yet because the restaurant was simply not open yet. Unfortunately, this situation is not unique.

“Unacceptable to treat other people like that”

On Facebook, Brandi Felt Castellano and her wife Regina Felt Castellano describe that many customers are becoming more and more unfriendly: “While many of our guests and regular customers treat us in a friendly and understanding manner, there is a huge onslaught of those who do not abuse us every day Threatening lawsuits, yelling at my staff and making them cry. ” Many of their service staff are young, are currently in their very first job or are earning extra money during their studies. These people did not deserve such treatment.

In an interview, Brandi Felt Castellano said that this aggressiveness had increased in the corona pandemic. After the first closure, most of the people were very friendly and attentive, but since the restaurant has been fully reopened, some customers don’t seem to understand that many shops are still struggling with staff and delivery bottlenecks. She criticizes the abuse: “People are always rude to restaurant employees, but that by far exceeds anything I’ve seen in my 20 years.”

Other restaurant owners and service staff share similar experiences

Many followers on Facebook who have already visited the restaurant are dismayed and describe the very friendly and warm-hearted atmosphere in the “Apt Cape Cod” restaurant. Some service personnel confirm the incidents. Some blame Donald Trump’s presidency, which saw the incursion of lack of decency and respect. But most of them praised the Felt Castellano couple for standing up for their staff and giving them this day of relaxation.

Swell: Facebook / “New York Times”


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