In the debate about that Return of spectators to the football stadiums DFB President Fritz Keller wants to trust the advice of the experts and the authorities. The head of the German Football Association also pointed out the uncertainty caused by the developments in the corona virus pandemic during the drawing of the first DFB Cup round.

“The Science has to tell us what is possible. Whether tests help or the distances help, ”said Keller in the ARD“ sports show ”in Cologne. It depends on parking spaces and traffic routes. “I don’t think we can say anything today in the pandemic situation. But we have to think of scenarios of how we can simply go back to life, ”emphasized the 63-year-old. Then it has to be decided individually.

Regional authorities, but also the clubs would have to decide how what was possible. “The most important thing is health, it comes first. And we’ll see how we can get viewers in as far as possible, ”emphasized Keller.