In the Swiss village of Charmey, a drive-in music festival started on a mountain railway parking lot on Saturday. Through the open car window, the audience can hear various styles in several concerts, from baroque songs to string quartets and folk songs to songs by Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone.

You can listen to the concerts through the open car window


You can listen to the concerts through the open car window

The festival lasts until next Friday (July 31st). The idea for the “car concerts” came from the Freiburg singer Marie-Claude Chappuis, the founder of the “Festival du Lied”. World-renowned artists will be heard, such as the recorder player Maurice Steger and the Stradivari Quartet.

The musicians perform outdoors on a stage. The audience can see them on a big screen – and hear them through the open car window. When it rains, the music is broadcast on the radio. Up to four people can sit in each car. Each vehicle is assigned a location according to its size.

The aim is to comply with the distance rules applicable due to the corona virus. At the opening on Saturday evening there were around 40 generally well-occupied cars in the parking lot, and around 70 people attended the concert on chairs.

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