The Cuban writer Hamed Toledo today dedicates some verses to the singer-songwriter Israel Rojas, involved in a controversy in which he has called “abnormal” and “hurt” those who today claim him for the interpretation they made of his songs.

This weekend, a new controversy was unleashed by a fragment of a direct from Carlos Lazo, where Israel Rojas is heard describing as “abnormal” those who today feel disappointed by his apology to the Cuban government and remind him of the lyrics of his songs.

After the circulation of the video, Rojas tried to explain himself on social networks:

“Every day, I receive insults, threats of all kinds, slander of all kinds on social networks from people who claim that they interpreted the songs in a way and now they come to ask me to account for THEIR interpretation,” he said on Twitter.

“And here come the” hurt “, the” disappointed “when in reality they are being manipulated with destructive intentionality. You know what? It is a huge abnormality to threaten and offend to try to change people. Only love is transformative, “he adds in a thread posted on the aforementioned social network.

Now, the young writer Hamed Toledo, has left these verses vindicating all those who once believed that Israel Rojas had a position close to the youth and their desires for change. His poem is a nod to another by the Cuban poet Roberto Fernández Retamar.

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Happy the abnormal, those strange beings,

Those who did not have a mother in the Central Committee, a colonel father, a son with Mercedes-Benz,

A house in Siboney, a disease from not having work,

Those who have been burned by a housing process,

Those who lived the seventeen faces of the bureaucracy and a little more,

The ones full of shoe soles, the devils with beanies,

The dissatisfied, the skinny, the unpresentable,

The reggaeton players and their henchmen, those who of course, on the left,

Those who fail, those who are confused to the hilt,

The flute players with algorithms,

The touts and their poor,

The gentlemen slightly about villains,

The men dressed in flags and the women in white,

The clumsy, the foolish, the rude,

The haters, the bitter, the immeasurable and the impotable.

Happy the cats, the milk, the cement.

But let them give way to those who make their other worlds and their other dreams,

The illusions, the acts of repudiation, the words that disrupt us

And they don’t rebuild us, the more communist than their mothers, the most spiky

That their parents and more speculators than their children

And less burned by a housing process.

Let them leave their place in hell, and that’s enough.

“Twenty desperate songs and a poem to the abnormals”, Israel Rojas.

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