The Cuban Ministry of Public Health invalidated, indefinitely, the right to practice Medicine to Dr. Alexander Jesús Figueredo Izaguirre, appealing to reasons of a political nature.

“I did not commit any violation of the Hippocratic Oath. I only declared myself anti-communist and I declared myself an enemy of all the injustices that are being done here, not only in the health system, but in everything, and that we want a change. However, they opted for repression. They feel like owners of each citizen. As we do not have the right of expression or freedom of thought, we are their slaves, and they treat us as such. If a slave reveals himself, then they opt for the punishments that we are paying ”, reacted Dr. Figueredo.

In the official notification signed by the minister of the sector José A. Portal Miranda, and delivered this November 23 to its addressee, it is affirmed that the doctor from Bayamo has caused “moral damage” to the image of Health on the communist island, “Ventilating existing shortcomings within the sector, showing an unobservable attitude to ethical principles”.

The communication warns that the statements made could constitute a crime, a veiled hint that the doctor could be involved in a criminal or civil process.

Figueredo Izaguirre has been a severe critic of the handling of the pandemic in the country and of the impoverishment of the regime’s vaunted health system. Last March, he denounced the death of his grandfather due to medical negligence.

“I was expelled from health seven months ago, but I still had my medical degree. Today they finished burying my profession. I am no longer a doctor in this country. They disabled my title. I compare it to the shooting of the eight medical students on November 27, 1871. Today they are shooting their professionals without arms, with repression, ”said the also member of the Free Cuban Medical Association.

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First degree specialist in Comprehensive General Medicine and resident of Urology, on April 30, 2021 he was expelled from his workplace, the Polyclinic “March 13” in the capital of Granma, and sanctioned with a ban on working in the sector for five years.

“I want, at least, to continue my fight from a free country. That is why I am asking for political asylum in whatever country, ”he stressed.

Figueredo Izaguirre is not the only doctor who has suffered this type of retaliation: Alexander Pupo Casas and Manuel Guerra Guerrero are also unable to practice medicine or continue their studies in the specialties of neurosurgery and gynecology, respectively.

Before them, doctors Yeovany Giménez and Rodolfo Martínez Vigoa were disqualified and during the 60s, 70s and early 80s, dozens of doctors were “punished” and sent to work in agricultural work or in remote places far from their residences for wanting to emigrate.

The National Institute of Oncology and Radiology expelled the nurse, Pedro Ariel García, in May 2020 for his posts on Facebook.

In July, another health worker, the orderly Omar Ortega Mendoza, was tried and sentenced to 10 months of deprivation of liberty, after denouncing the collapse of the health system at the hospital in the Avilanian municipality of Morón where he worked.


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