The Cubacel promotion that triples your main balance has started. For international recharges from $ 20.00 USD or the equivalent in other currencies, you will receive $ 1500.00 CUP of main credit in Cuba.

Remember that this balance is (valid for 330 days) can be used for the following purposes:

  • Make national and international calls.
  • Purchase of bags, packages, data plans, minutes and SMS.
  • Transfer the credit you have received to another number.
  • Activate the Amigo plan.

In addition, they can buy up to 3 mixed plans with a total of 500 CUP:

  • 24 GB of mobile data (13.5 GB for the 4G network and 10.5 for the 3G).
  • 225 minutes
  • 240 SMS

For instance: An international top-up worth $ 700.00 CUP will be credited with 2100.00 CUP to your main balance.

Where can I send the recharges to Cuba at the best price?

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The main details of this promotion are described below:

– The amount of the recharge must be equal to or greater than 500.00 CUP for this offer to be valid. Below 500.00 CUP and above 1250.00 CUP, this promotion does not apply.
– The amount of the main recharge will maintain the specified validity period (330 days).
– A customer can receive multiple recharges during this promotional period and this credit will be accumulated in the main credit.
– With the credit received as part of the promotion, the customer can perform all the approved actions: national and international calls, purchase of bags, packages, data rates, minutes and SMS, transfers, activation of the Amigo rate.
– A customer can make several recharges as long as they do not exceed the maximum amount established for their main account and for bonuses.

No. Parameter. Maximum limit
1 Main account 500,000 CUP
2 Bonus money 500,000 CUP
3 minute bonus 8,575 min (514,500 seconds)
4 bonus SMS 33,335 SMS

As long as this condition is met, you can top up the credit and receive the amount of the main balance. If this amount is exceeded, it can no longer be recharged.


– After a recharge during the promotion, the user will receive a notification with the following text: «You have received a recharge of XXXX, XX CUP. Transaction YYYYYY. For the Triple your recharge promotion you have XXXX.XX CUP ».
– The client receives an SMS with a time limit when there are only a few days left until the expiration date of the voucher.
– The credit inquiry is made through * 222 # and is free for the customer.

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