Home World CSU Chancellor would also be “a huge achievement”

CSU Chancellor would also be “a huge achievement”

CSU Chancellor would also be “a huge achievement”

“If a CSU candidate won, we would have managed to bring a Union politician back to the chancellery after 16 years of CDU chancellorship”: Norbert Röttgen, applicant for the CDU chairmanship
Bild: Jens Gyarmaty

Friedrich Merz and Armin Laschet both claim to be Chancellor candidates as CDU chairmen. Norbert Röttgen is open to other constellations – also with Markus Söder.

In their draft program, the Greens call for Europe to become a “Federal Republic”, that is, a federal state. Do you think that’s good, Mr. Röttgen?

To make the European Union a state would be a grave mistake. It would lead to alienation between citizens and the EU. I was therefore surprised by the Greens’ proposal, which is probably to be understood above all as a well-meaning European over-zeal. Otherwise, the Greens are a serious, competent party in European politics.

When you came to the Bundestag in the mid-1990s, the European Union experienced major steps towards integration, especially the introduction of a common currency. Was that the last high point of European integration?



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