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HOUSTON, Texas.Crystal Weinstock He decided to get the so-called microblading, a type of semi-permanent makeup on the eyebrows, but he never imagined that this procedure would change his life.

“I started with Kai Brow Bar in November 2021,” the woman said in a text sent to Univision 45.

That aesthetic is located in Richmond, Texas, and Weinstock explained that he considers as “part of his family” whoever did the procedure.

The idea was to apply a ‘microblading’, a technique of semi-permanent make-up looking to rebuild an eyebrow that has little hair.

In that first attempt they did not obtain the expected result. Weinstock went back to the same place in December to do it again, but that didn’t work out either.

“We took a break for a few weeks,” the Houston resident said.

The symptoms suffered by Crystal Weinstock

On April 27, Crystal Weinstock returned to aesthetics again to perform on that occasion the ‘ nanoblanding‘, which is a similar semi-permanent makeup technique.

Days after that last job, Crystal Weinstock began experiencing symptoms of swelling and pain in her face.

Seeing that no one from Kai Brow Bar gave her an answer, she went to social networks to expose her case and alert the hundreds of women who do this type of makeup.

“This is beyond embarrassing for me to post, but right now it seems like the right thing to do,” wrote on his Facebook account.

He says that his eyebrows became something of a joke among the makeup artist community in Houston; they said they were “the worst eyebrows they had ever seen”.

This prompted several makeup artists to offer to fix her eyebrows for free.

“I want to send a very important message, especially with how easy it is to become a permanent makeup artist and how often it actually happens to women,” Weinstock explained in a text sent to Univision 45. “I want to help spread this message to Don’t let it happen to anyone else.”

What is Crystal Weinstock’s “lesson learned”?

This is how in early May, Weinstock, single mother, He agreed to put his eyebrows in the hands of Erica Kovitz, a makeup artist from Los Angeles, who offered to fix everything for free.

Weinstock was able to pay for the trip thanks to the donation of dozens of people who showed their support. He has to have a second session in 8 weeks.

“Ask for license numbers, who they trained with and contact them. If they have liability insurance. Check references, make sure see the actual work they have done in the past“, recommended Weinstock to all women who want to make up their eyebrows.

He says people should take these procedures very seriously because “it’s about physical and mental well-being.”

Weinstock told Univision 45 that at the moment the only action he has taken was to report Kai Brow Bar to the Texas Department of Health.

“I need others to know that this is not right, she was negligent. This was my fault too for trusting her like I did. Lesson learned,” says Weinstock.

Until 9 pm on May 12, 2022, Univision 45 Houston did not receive a response from Kai Brow Bar, when questioned about the accusations of Crystal Weinstock.

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