Cryptocurrencies: bitcoin investments blocked, prosecutor 'prohibited access to customers'

Cryptocurrencies: bitcoin investments blocked, prosecutor 'prohibited access to customers'

Milan, 1 March. (Adnkronos) – In addition to the company’s offices in Milan, Genoa and Padua, the financiers of the economic-financial police unit and the special currency police unit of Milan are searching the homes of the two founders of ‘The Rock Trading’, a company for investments in cryptocurrencies; furthermore, financial investigations are underway aimed at verifying the management of liquidity by the company, as well as the destination of the sums collected. This was announced by the Milan prosecutor Marcello Viola, after the press reports on the company operating in the exchange of crypto-assets and registered in the register of virtual currency operators, kept by the Oam (agents and brokers body). “For a few days, the company, without providing adequate justifications, has interrupted the operation of the platform, effectively preventing customers from accessing their digital assets – reads the note -. Following some press reports and the first complaints from customers, targeted checks were immediately activated which – thanks also to the help of the IT crimes team of the Milan prosecutor’s office – brought to light, in addition to the blocking of operations, the interruption of relations with the national credit institution which , since the establishment of the company, had provided the platform with the account relationships through which to operate, as well as some violations relating to the correct preparation of the financial statements by the company”. At present, the prosecutor specifies, “we are proceeding to ascertain the possible commission of computer crimes and verify the possible configuration of corporate crimes”.



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