Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and crypto memes like Doge or Shiba point to a big increase in value, according to analysis

The world of cryptocurrencies it is changing trend and increasing the value of each one of them. The most important, bitcoin, is recovering while the second largest, ethereum, it is going up even more considerably.

After weeks below $ 40,000, the average value of the bitcoin it has reached 45 thousand dollars, with a 53% increase compared to last year, but still far from its historical peak of 65 thousand dollars.

However the ethereum has managed to break its floor of 1700 dollars and has reached 3,000, with an increase of 320% compared to 2020, a return in value much higher than the bitcoin.

To Mike McGlone, analyst for Bloomberg, the bitcoin may reach $ 100,000 by the end of the year, despite the fact that the ethereum has surpassed bitcoin in trade volume growth for the first time in history.

“If he bitcoin will reach the performance of ethereum this year, the price would approach $ 100,000, “the analyst tweeted. And if this does not happen, anyway, the calls ‘altcoins’ they will continue to grow in performance in the short term.

The ethereum It is growing because of its new London update, which is reducing commissions on transactions and is burning part of them, leaving fewer coins on the market and increasing the value of the rest of them.

But memecoins also go up

Taking advantage of the great rise of the market, the currencies without foundation and supported by social networks such as Doge O Shiba Inu, they are also recovering from the big slump they suffered weeks ago.

According to the analyst Smart Contract, these meme coins are “asleep” waiting for the right moment.

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Dogecoin, With a current value of 24 cents on the dollar, it could “easily” reach 41, he says.

Shiba Inu, an analogous, expects to break the support of USD 0.00000759 and surpass USD 0.0000101, the barrier to be achieved.

SafeMoon is another one that expects to rise with a peak bullish value of $ 0.00000377.

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