Cross the Red Bridge and you will find Japan, an immersive exhibition in Milan

Cross the Red Bridge and you will find Japan, an immersive exhibition in Milan

Milan, March 1, 2023 – It sounds like a warning, but it’s actually an invitation to let yourself be transported into the magical atmospheres of Japan. “Do not cross the red bridge”, but in reality if when you find yourself at the top you make a wish by knotting a ribbon, well, that dream of yours will come true. Tenoha – Anime and Ghosts 2022 “Ghosts and Spirits of Japan – Don’t Cross the Red Bridge” at the Tenhoa in Milan is a journey poised between dream and reality, a journey through the legends and traditions transcribed by Lafcadio Hearn and told visually by Benjamin Lacombe. Sounds, colours, images, masterfully orchestrated by a skilful direction, make visitors, many of them children fascinated by a graphic universe that they know how to recognize through cartoons and comics of which they are loyal consumers, experience a unique experience: going through a sort of labyrinth with dark atmospheres, the spirits and creatures of Japan come to life beyond the red bridge that unites the mortal world with the otherworldly. Words and images follow one another to tell stories of princesses, children, animals who tell stories lived in places where nature becomes the protagonist as much and more than humans. An invitation to live in harmony, respecting the world we live in and those we meet along the way. Two precious volumes signed by the artists are the useful final compendium to keep alive the memory of the characters encountered, from the yokai, supernatural creatures that can take on the most diverse shapes and characters, to the faceless woman, passing through the kitsune and kodama. Expression of Japanese animism, in the West they are identified as “monsters” or “ghosts”, but in reality they defy any definition. To get to know them and meet them in person, just visit the exhibition, which will spread over an area of ​​1100m2 with over 10 themed rooms, where tradition meets technological innovation full of animations, audio, scenography, 3D and video. Tenoha – Souls and Ghosts 2022 With this new project, Tenoha Milano aims at immersive entertainment with its Tenoha Exhibition division, welcoming the public in an area of ​​Milan that is increasingly attentive to cultural entertainment and linked to the world of events. The aim is to raise awareness of Japanese culture with its many facets through themed initiatives and projects, which have always been fascinating and mysterious thanks to a thousand-year-old past of history and traditions and a present rich in technology and innovation. Tickets for ‘Ghosts and Spirits of Japan – Don’t cross the red bridge’ are available on the website and in all Vivaticket sales points and online.



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