Cross-country skiing: Half-hearted remorse at Bolshunov

Dhe Russian cross-country skier Alexander Bolschunow shows a hint of remorse after his freak out at the relay race in Lahti. “I understand that what I did at the finish was not right. I’m sorry, I won’t do that anymore, ”the 24-year-old told the Norwegian broadcaster NRK. From his point of view, Mäki had previously behaved “unfairly”.

The Russian association had previously sent an “official letter of apology” to the Finns. “On behalf of the Russian Ski Federation, Alexander Bolschunow and President Jelena Wälbe apologize for the reaction during the relay competition,” said a statement published by the World Federation of FIS.

The overall World Cup leader hit the Finn Joni Mäki with his fist in the finish sprint on Sunday, who cut him off. Behind the finish line, Bolshunov then put down his opponent at full speed with an ice hockey check. The latter was an oversight, Bolshunov stressed in the Swedish Falun on Tuesday. “I wanted to talk to Mäki about what had happened and why he had done it,” he said. “The skis were very fast and when I tried to brake the binding was broken. I didn’t want to drive on him. “

Team Russia I was disqualified after the incident. Rightly so, as Bolshunov admitted. However, he emphasized: “I do not understand why the Finn was not also disqualified.” The World Federation FIS is currently discussing further consequences. The only reason the conflict did not escalate was because the Finns reacted calmly to Bolshunov’s anger

The winner of three silver medals and one bronze at the 2018 Olympics may even have to answer to court because of his misconduct. A complaint against him has been received by the local police in Lahti.

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