Criticism of the EU oil embargo: does Russia even benefit from it?

The EU countries are about to boycott Russian oil, and the G-7 countries have already announced one. As astonishing as an agreement in Europe would be, it has been criticized just as fiercely. Some even see Moscow as a beneficiary. Is that correct?

An oil embargo by the EU states against Russia would also be visible at the gas pump: a gas station in Mönchengladbach in Germany.

Sascha Steinbach / EPA

In the EU, talks on the planned oil embargo against Russia are in full swing. Apparently, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are to receive exemptions. Croatia is also considering demanding such. For the remaining countries it is planned that they will stop importing crude oil within six months and imports of all petroleum products by the end of the year. On Sunday evening, the White House also announced that all G-7 countries had committed to phase out or ban imports of Russian oil. The group of seven democratic industrial nations includes the NATO states USA, Canada, France, Great Britain, Italy and Germany as well as Japan.



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