Criticism Johan Derksen leaves Viktor Brand cold: ‘I know who says it’ | gossip

Derksen recently made it into the program The Orange Summer forward to his SBS6 colleague. “I can still have that Master Frank Visser, he seems like a nice man with that cap. But that guy who then introduces him, what a jerk he is! So childish. It’s like he’s talking to toddlers. What a childish boy,” said the football analyst.

Brand wasn’t too concerned about it. „Johan Derksen, well, shall we continue? No, I see that as a compliment and I know who says it,” he tells DJ Lex Gaarthuis. “I somehow have a very thick skin and I can now take it all in as if it’s not about me.”

It used to be different when Brand just started making television. “When I just started and I read about myself that people wish you all kinds of things, I thought: dude, you don’t know me at all, where does this come from, this aggression? Then at least be a man and send it to me directly instead of throwing it out into the world like that,” he says. So today it is different. “Now that really doesn’t bother me anymore. Especially not if it is not written in full sentences and with sixteen grammatical errors. Then I quickly think: oh gosh.”

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