Cristina, Iñaki and Ainhoa, one year after the cover of Lecturas: how has everything changed?

On January 19, 2022, the cover of Lecturas went around the world and caused an earthquake of catastrophic dimensions for the marriage of the Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin. The photos of the former Duke of Palma, hand in hand with another woman who turned out to be Ainhoa ​​Armentia, changed the lives of its protagonists

“That fateful afternoon, her love for Iñaki died forever.” With these words, Pilar Eyre told us about the emotional blow that Infanta Cristina (57 years old) suffered when she learned that there were only a few hours left for the cover and that she was going to shock her personal and family life in an unimaginable way. Lecturas magazine published on January 19, 2022 some photos of her husband, Iñaki Urdangarin (55 years old), hand in hand with another woman. The snapshots caused a shock of such dimensions that they went around the world. There was no medium that throughout the Globe did not echo the high-impact news from Lecturas after which the lives of its protagonists have changed forever.

The cover of the husband of the infanta with another woman who left the world in shock a year ago

The extensive and revealing photographic report instantly turned into what has been the most commented topic of the past year. Meanwhile, we began to learn everything about the identity of the new couple of the former Duke of Palma while Cristina de Borbón lived in Switzerland with her daughter Irene de ella. Iñaki, who after his time in prison had established his residence in the house of his mother, Claire Liebaert, had been excited about Ainhoa ​​Armentia (44 years old), the accounting analyst and partner of the law firm where he worked at the time in Vitoria . With her he had escaped to enjoy a few romantic days away from prying eyes in Bidart, the town in the French Basque Country where so many happy moments had been lived with the infanta and her children.

PORTADA 3644 Infanta Cristina de Borbón and Iñaki Urdangarin

A place full of happy memories linked to their marriage, ended up becoming the scene of the beginning of their destruction. Also in the end of the anonymity of Ainhoa ​​Armentia, separated and also with children, who had started a sentimental relationship with Iñaki in the summer of 2021. That trip to Bidart was not the first for the loving couple, but it was the one in which they relaxed and they decided not to hide their love any longer. It was a situation that was bound to occur and Lecturas was clear about the shock wave that was going to cause an information bombing like that.

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Iñaki and Cristina decide to “interrupt” their marriage relationship

The reaction of the couple, who attended the last pages of their story, came a few days later. The following week began on Monday with a concise statement that marked the line that they were going to follow in the most difficult year of their lives. “By mutual agreement, we have decided to end our marriage relationship. The commitment to our children remains intact. Since it is a private decision, we ask for the utmost respect from everyone around us. Cristina de Borbón and Iñaki Urdangarin”, a few words, especially the term “interrupt”, which were reminiscent of that “temporary cessation of cohabitation”, with which the Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar announced their separation.

Each for his part, tried to return to normality after the initial shock that the news had produced. Everything was speculation, while Iñaki and Ainhoa ​​returned to the law firm in the middle of a cloud of cameras. “Things happen and we are going to manage them in the best possible way”, were the first words of the ex-duke after the photos of Readings and the statement. For her part, the Infanta Cristina was shielded in deathly silence in her home in Switzerland and we did not see the first images of her until weeks later.

Infanta Cristina breaks her silence in Readings: “There will be no reconciliation or forgiveness”

Almost a month and a half later, Letizia’s sister-in-law stepped forward and chose Lecturas, very interested in giving her version to settle the speculation that she was going to return to her husband. She reached the lapidary sentence: “There will be no reconciliation or forgiveness.” And that is how it has remained a year later, when the divorce process that began in the spring of 2022 is still underway. “At the moment she saw the photos, at that moment, all respect and affection for Iñaki ended. (…) What hurts her the most is that she tells herself that she is going to forgive him when it is not true, that is why she has broken her silence.”wrote Pilar Eyre, who faithfully conveyed the message that King Felipe’s sister wanted to give.

With a very clear conscience, her top priority at all times has been her children, and all the steps she has taken have been taking into account their emotional stability and that this strictly marital matter does not affect them on a day-to-day basis. The same tranquility has guided her in her decision to continue wearing the wedding band, which she has continued to display in the extraordinary reunion of almost all the members of the royal family in the last farewell to Constantine of Greece, the queen’s brother. Sofia. “I have been wearing the ring for almost twenty-five years and I will continue to wear it until I get divorced. I have not failed”were his exact words about it.

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From romantic walks by the sea to passionate kisses in Formentera

The ex-partner’s life has gone very differently. The infanta has made it much easier for her still husband to ease tensions with her children, especially with her daughter Irene, the most hurt by the photos of her father with Ainhoa. Likewise, she chose to help him financially, always thinking of her children. Iñaki was leaving the firm in Vitoria and is still trying to get back in touch with FC Barcelona, ​​the club with which he made a name for himself as a brilliant handball player. There we have seen him in the stands (also Cristina) cheering on his son Pablo during the games. Juan, Pablo, Miguel and Irene are the most important and the reason for carrying out a divorce process on good terms.

Lecturas has also witnessed how the relationship between Urdangarin and his girlfriend has strengthened. With the truth of their relationship coming to light, the couple abandoned themselves to living their love naturally, and we photographed them passionately kissing in the crystalline waters of Formentera during a brief summer vacation.

Portada 3679 Anabel Pantoja

The doors of Zarzuela are once again open for the Infanta Cristina

However, the great change has occurred, inside and out in the Infanta Cristina. Empowered and independent, the daughter of the kings Juan Carlos and Sofía, she resumed her work schedule and began to travel to our country to attend public events in which we have seen her gradual physical change. Some images in which she appeared reading with glasses and with a sad face were the stimulus that made her react. Cristina de Borbón was once again excited by the new life full of good news that she was opening before her eyes. She began to paint her nails passion red, to put lipstick on her lips, she changed her image with a very flattering haircut, she removed the wart that she had near her lip and, before the end of the year, she had surgery for cataracts and presbyopiasaying goodbye to glasses.

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The Spanish royal family at the funeral of Constantine of Greece

But the most important detail of the new life of the Infanta Cristina is having been able to share time and space with her family again. At Christmas, she was in Zarzuela with her children and they met Queen Sofía, Kings Felipe and Letizia, Princess Leonor, Infanta Sofía, and Infanta Elena, Froilán and Victoria Federica. It was a family reunion that they lived in the strictest privacy, as reported Hello!. The doors of the palace have been reopened and proof of this is that she has also participated, again with all her children, in a public and solemn act such as the funeral of her uncle in Athens.



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